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Why a52?

Why Partner With a52 Fulfillment?

We treat your business as our own. Our custom WMS technology can integrate our software and reporting to your ERP, EDI or webstore platform, offering you full visibility into your inventory and orders whether they're in the facility or en route to retail locations and ecommerce consumers.

There is not a section of the Omni-Channel world that a52 is not a part of. Our services and operation range from standard order fulfillment and inventory control, to freight management and completing intricate compliance requirements for major leading retailers.

While the industry is complex, and continues to evolve, we maintain key fundamentals that enable us to keep up with this ever-changing landscape.

So let's get started

100% Transparency

The key to any successful partnership is trust. How do we maintain trust between our company and your brand? By making our operation fully transparent through offering you real-time access to our system. Our WMS, which all of our clients have access to, acts as a portal into a52. We also provide monthly report cards that show you precisely how fast we're moving your orders, and how accurately we're managing your inventory.

Brand Personalization

With a52, brand personalization means that we integrate ourselves completely into your company's processes, systems and practices. Your dedicated Brand Coordinator will help curate the operation to be reflective of what your brand needs and wants. For example, we can easily customize any packaging or documentation, like packing slips and invoices, so that when your retailer or consumer receives their order, it reflects your brand experience.

Technology Integration

Our in-house development team has the ability to integrate our WMS to every client’s ERP, EDI and webstore system. There is no project too large in scope or too precise in detail. We understand that these types of system integrations are the key to tying your whole Omni-Channel experience together and we pride ourselves in being able to execute on each and every request.

Global Distribution

Through our partnership with the LENTON GROUP, the global premium logistics leader, we can meet the demands of your business whether by land, sea or air. With a key presence in 25 countries across six continents, a52 & LENTON GROUP can offer International Gateway operation, distribution, fulfillment and final delivery solutions for all your B2B & B2C needs with consistent premium service.

Real-Time Freight Rates

Obtaining the best freight rate for our client’s orders is a cornerstone of our business. Every single order fulfilled by a52 is individually rate-shopped to ensure that we get you the best rate possible for that order based on its size and end destination. We partner up with all major transportation carriers so that every order gets where it needs to go.

No Hidden Fees

The charges you receive on your invoices will be directly reflective of the simple one-page pricing sheet you signed off on. There are no unforeseen fees for supplies or compliance chargebacks, what we tell you you’ll be charged is what you’ll receive on the bill. If you do have any questions regarding your invoices, your dedicated Brand Coordinator will be happy to answer them. We’re going to simplify the world of Omni-Channel for you, why would our invoices be any different?

Find out how we can simplify your fulfillment.

a52 works with apparel, footwear and consumer-packaged brands around the world looking for an easier way to manage their omni-channel fulfillment needs. Give us a shout to find out what we can do for you.

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