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Omnichannel Solutions

Full Service Omni Channel Distribution

The world of Omni-Channel is complex however our tailored solution we offer makes it simple. It doesn’t matter the scope of the task or request that you send our way, we will execute with the same consistent quality you will come to expect from a52.

While we continuously refine our operation with the utmost quality, we remain flexible to tailor it to the demands of your business. We will facilitate any logistics request for your brand through the combination of our systems, processes, and a talented team behind the scenes.

When you partner with a52 you’ll have access to all of our below key services, plus many more, that make up our Omni-Fulfillment Solution.


The days of uniform fulfillment needs are over. No longer are brands receiving the same repeat orders submitted with static skus and quantities. Each day brings something different and a52 is able to handle any and all types of orders. From direct to consumer to majors with strict compliance requirements, a52 is able to fulfill it.

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Technology Integration

Technology Integration is what ties your Omni-Channel together. Our custom-built WMS can be integrated with all ERP, EDI, webstore and accounting systems. Need that invoice report auto-generated to your CFO by end-of-business? Or that real-time ATS to your webstore? No problem. Our in-house developers can handle it.

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Value Added Services

There will always be requests from retailers or consumers that are outside the standard scope of your business. The thing is, they’re not outside of ours. Every day of the week we’re processing orders with specific requirements, like carton or piece labeling, retailer hang-tagging, custom boxing and prepacking. We will work with you to understand the brand experience you require and will implement the service from there

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Freight Management

Every single order fulfilled by a52 is individually rate-shopped to ensure that we get you the best rate possible for the order, based on its size and end destination. We partner up with all major transportation carriers so that every order, from single B2C packages to 20 pallets for your biggest retailer, hit the road with the most efficient and premium service possible. Your dedicated Brand Coordinator will also personally oversee any rush orders you request.

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Reverse Logistics

Modern consumers expect convenience, including placing / receiving their orders AND returning them if it’s not quite what they were looking for. a52 can help here as well. We offer full Reverse Logistics, from picking up the returned package at a residence or retailer, to full quality control inspections on recovered inventory; the latter will be done to your precise specifications to ensure that any inventory returned to stock is of first quality.

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Inventory Control

Fulfillment and management of your inventory is a fundamental service of a52. Our skilled Inventory team performs daily auditor-approved cycle counts of our facilities to ensure inventory on the shelf is consistently accurate. Our WMS provides you with real-time reporting on your inventory across all stages of your brand’s Omni-Fulfillment. That’s true visibility.

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Find out how we can simplify your fulfillment.

a52 works with apparel, footwear and consumer-packaged brands around the world looking for an easier way to manage their omni-channel fulfillment needs. Give us a shout to find out what we can do for you.

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