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Projecting Warehouse Capacity

Proper labour planning is a key part of what makes A52 run as well as it does. Our Brand Coordinators assist in this process by gathering projections from our clients’ through consistent communication and reporting. This allows the Operations team to create strategies and make projections for the needs of any given shipping season.

From a sales standpoint, projections are generally a dollar amount of what the brand intends to invoice within a given time-frame.

For A52, our projections are based in units (ie. 1 pair of jeans = 1 unit). Projections are made to estimate both inbound shipments and outbound orders from our clients

There is a lot that goes into providing viable projections. Both A52 and the client must account for the logistical demands of moving inventory from the manufacturer to the distribution centre.

To make a conservative projection as accurately as possible, we also consider pre booking orders, and expected immediate business. These predictions are often made through analyzing past trends, and current market conditions.

No one can predict the future, but we encourage ongoing conversation with our clients to discuss the data provided. Quick turnaround times in our Inbound & Outbound Departments are our primary goal and accurate projections lead to exactly that.

Though advanced notice is always preferred, A52 will always provide exceptional consistent service to any work sent our way.

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Sean Miller

Sean currently heads up Business Development for No Limits Group and A52 Warehouse. He’s been a part of the apparel and footwear industry since 1996 with a full spectrum of business experience along the way. Started on floor at retail in Edmonton, moved to Vancouver to be an in-house rep, moved up to sales and marketing management and ran a hybrid sales / management agency. Inspired by family, skateboarding, surfing, innovation in business and individuals who live a full yet grounded life.